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Suggested Readings: September 1-10, 2018

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Sept. 1-10

PRC Domestic Unforeseen side effects of China’s ban on importation of waste products: shortage of raw materials results.  Arrest and immediate return to China of Richard Liu, founder of e-commerce behemoth, galvanizes online attention in PRC. A nicely translated, half-funny/half-serious, reflection on life in China then and now by famed author Yu Hua. Melding the civilian and the military economies in Mianyang, Sichuan, a hugely military town.  Producer Price Index up 4.1% year on year in August. Thickening government pressure on religion and places of worship. At this web site, one can download a paper that lies near the core of the current heated discussion of alleged PRCG practices aimed at Uyghurs in Xinjiang.  The subject, under urgent discussion among academics and think tankers in the West for many months, has become front-page news in recent days, as at  Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma to step back.  Succession plans at the online giant.  This site offers lots of interesting, related hyperlinks.  Must Read.  Where agriculture reform began – the story of one village and one man.  Online trials of IP cases at this Internet Court.  Derided by one American long suspicious of PRC motives, at  .

PRC Global A valuable academic paper on the frequency with which international social science researchers have encountered various forms of interference, intimidation, or prohibitions as they have attempted to conduct research in China. This subject is very “current,” as it relates to the raging conflict over “self censorship” alleged to be widespread among academics fearful of damage to their careers and personal lives if they offend Chinese authorities.  A critical analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative so far.  Malaysia under Mahathir cancels major infrastructure projects financed by China, out of concern over potential for Chinese “neocolonial” influence.

PRC-U.S.  Trump dumps APEC meeting, at which there had been some speculation of a Trump-Xi meeting to break the US-China stalemate. An experienced lawyer writes on whether to move production out of China in the face of the growing trade conflict between the US and China.  FULL DISCLOSURE:  THIS ITEM SHOULD BE CONSIDERED PROMOTIONAL LITERATURE.  Two survey reports by the Purdue University Center for Religion and Society, on Chinese students and scholars in the U.S. Professor Aaron Friedberg of Princeton, who has long argue that China represents a massive geo-strategic challenge to the United States, here expresses that view in detail and lays out recommendations for how the U.S. should meet the Chinese challenge. Emphasis on the political and ideological essence of the Chinese threat.  The U.S. corporate groan at likely effects of Trump’s vast tariff increases.  Supply chain demolition, competitiveness damage, consumer burdens, etc.  The frantic search for “exemption.”

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