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Suggested Readings: September 11-20, 2018

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Sept. 11 – 20

PRC Domestic  A vast, but highly readable “tour d’horizon” of the Chinese propaganda system – recent institutional changes, personnel changes, programs and products.  For those with the time, much to work through and learn here. Another report on regime action to curb religious activity, in this case online.  Unofficial translation of the new regulations at   .  A Chinese official from the State Council Information Office responds to international criticism of Chinese detention camps for Muslims in Xinjiang. Nice reflective article about Jack Ma, who will step down as Executive Chairman of Alibaba.  Updated and complex listing of “State Council Institutional Reforms,” i.e., reorganization of government administrative structures.  Name changes, amalgamations and mergers, eliminations, etc. For the closely engaged.  Great article on succession challenges in Chinese firms, with a focus on two titans, Jack Ma and Richard Liu of Alibaba and JD.Com respectively.  Never forget China’s “market liberals,” even when the news suggests relentless reversion to Leninist economic practices.  Uighurs from neighboring countries, e.g. Kazakhstan, disappearing into the Xinjiang black hole.

PRC Global  China’s push for higher-value-added products accelerates under U.S. tariff pressure.  Not the intent of the tariffs.  Focus on export powerhouse Guangdong Province.  From a U.S. Christian organization long focused on Christianity in China, this site offers several pieces on the Chinese Bible, 29 years in preparation.  Whether one supports foreign proselytization in China or not, the immensity of the task of translating the Bible into Chinese, from whatever original language, is worthy of study and reflection.  A research paper assessing the social effects of PRC development projects across a wide range of countries. Growing move globally, esp. Europe, to scrutinize PRC merger and acquisition cases, following US lead in expanding CFIUS scope and powers.  PRC investment in US tanks in 2018.  As news of an apparent agreement between Beijing and the Vatican emerges, this podcast with Ian Johnson is à propos and informative.  Part 1 of a four-part podcast series on the Belt and Road Initiative.  An interesting review of the Belt and Road Initiative, stressing unanswered questions, the limits of definition, the ambiguities of central-local roles and PRC-recipient country roles, etc.  Nothing definitive, but a useful look at a sometimes confusing but endlessly discussed global program.  Download the new European Chamber of Commerce in China Position Paper from this press-release web page.

U.S.-PRC  Global Times, known for its bluntness, even its inflammatory word choices, with a serious editorial about the meaning for China of the onrushing tariff conflict.  Must Read.  Indications of growing coordination between US and its major trading partners to resolve their trade issues and then form united front to confront PRC global and domestic economic practices.  Very well constructive, inclusive article.  CSIS’s Scott Kennedy gets his critical hands around the cascading down-swoon in US-China relations after the latest round of Trump tariffs and Chinese responses.  As of Sept. 19.  Kennedy is right in his blunt assessments.  Big change of US policy:  Justice Department will now require key PRC media organizations in the US to register as alien agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  Will China retaliate with similar requirements on, e.g., VOA?  Mnuchin invites China to new talks.  Edward Alden thinks something big and time-consuming may be beginning.  Trump’s new $200b-in-imports’ worth of tariffs a day or two later (and immediate Chinese tariff response) may have killed this baby in the cradle.  US companies in China hurting as tariff war deepens.  See  .  Yet more on Trump and more on tariffs, as of Sept. 14.  Despite some familiar content, this is a useful short-term piece.  An article on the ways in which the interests and practices of Chinese online companies do, and more importantly don’t, always line up with government goals and requirements.  Can Trump take the US out of WTO?  PIIE economists discuss, with legal analysts. The swamp deepens.  PRC “1000 Talents” program recruiting talented Chinese trained in the US and elsewhere to return to China and serve PRC development goals leads to growing suspicion in US and elsewhere over technology thefts and security dangers.

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