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Suggested Readings: September 21-30, 2018

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Sept. 21-30

PRC Domestic  Stories of life in a county-town  in Sichuan.  Nicely translated and worth the time.   On China’s National Day (October 1), Kaiser Kuo’s Kuora presentation looks at Deng Xiaoping’s historical role, and how Deng is viewed now.c Another big corruption takedown.  Unlike numerous foreign media reports, this report in the relatively free-wheeling magazine Caixin makes no mention of the alleged perp’s Uighur ethnic identity.  After the “provisional agreement” with The Vatican, journalist and writer Ian Johnson describes the broader environment for Christianity in China now. One commentator’s thought-provoking commentary regarding the dangers of political leadership isolated from external realities.  Minxin Pei is highly articulate, very well informed, and dependably critical of anything in the PRC that he chooses to write about, but the first two qualities sometimes outweigh the implicit bias of the last one.  This is a case in point, in which he points to ominous hints that the PRC regime is going to move farther in the direction of a state-dominated economy, at the expense of the private sector which nowadays generates the bulk of the jobs and the bulk of the economic vitality of the country, in contrast to the remaining giant state-run enterprises that, in his opinion, the Xi Jinping operation seems to like more and more.

PRC Global  The NYT’s indomitable Jane Perlez on Chinese reactions to the precipitous deterioration of Sino-American relations. The kind of development that gives credence to allegations of PRC “influence operations” in other countries. This one the burglary of the home of a noted New Zealand academic who has published studies of such “influence operations.”  The Vatican-Beijing breakthrough agreement, as announced by a Vatican site.  Not the end of controversy, but viewed by many as a hopeful step forward. China’s continuing expansion of medium-high-tech exports (capital goods like machinery, etc.). Actually, a very informative look at the transformation of China’s industrial economy and the PRC’s growing export capacity in industrial products. As The dimensions of the metastasizing trade conflict between Washington and Beijing grow, third countries – in this case, Australia – worry about how to save the global trade regime and how to deal with China’s increasingly bumpy arrival.

U.S.-PRC  Must Read. China policymaking veteran Jeffrey Bader finally offers a concise argument against the “disengagement” trend now gathering force in the United States.  ON THE OTHER HAND, longtime China journalist John Pomfret argues that, as US-China relations implode, China has only itself to blame, and things could have turned out otherwise. Good piece on the ins and outs of PRC acquisition of technology – willingly or otherwise – from US firms.  The Congressional Research Service’s latest update of its two-page “Focus” summary on US-China relations, for the busy Member of Congress who only has a minute and a half to think about that. State Council Information Office White Paper on growing trade conflict with the United States.  A significant statement of PRC positions in this conflict.   MUST READ.  Robert Zoellick interview with Caixin.  Edward Truman, a very experienced US international finance official, with an important message about the perils facing the International Monetary Fund, the potential problems arising from sovereign debt incurred by countries taking Chinese BRI loans, and the necessity of changes in U.S. policy to deal with these potential crises.  He is not optimistic. The tariff war comes to the Port of Baltimore.  Chad Bown of the Peterson Institute of International Economics offers this solid and graphically useful backgrounder on Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports.  Another very gloomy prognosis on the future between America and China, from Andrew Browne, a thoughtful journalist who until recently was head of the Wall Street Journal Bureau in Shanghai.

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