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Suggested Readings: February 9-17, 2019

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February 9-17

China Domestic  In honor of Rod Macfarquhar, the Harvard China scholar who passed away this week, the premier journal that he helped to found, The China Quarterly, has made a collection of his articles available with no paywall.  These articles will repay the time it takes to find and read them.  Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a uniquely three-dimensional journalist and writer, with a report on the struggle to bring greater creativity (in support of the Holy Grail of Innovation) into Chinese schools without sacrificing disciplined community cohesion.  An uphill climb.  A remarkable, long Financial Times report on Marxist student activists in Chinese universities, who identify with the plight of exploited workers and call for adherence to Mao/Marx/Lenin fundamentals, and are now seen by the authorities as dangerous.  Concerns about possibilities of “color revolution”-style events in China in a politically sensitive 2019.  A very tough , erudite review of the box office smash hit Wolf Warrior 2.  China’s first blockbuster science fiction movie, “The Wandering Earth,” opens.  An interesting take on the film – and what makes “Chinese sci-fi” Chinese -- is at

And MORE on “The Wandering Earth”:

China Global’s-third-revolution-and-future-us-china-relations Podcast with Council on Foreign Relations China specialist Elizabeth Economy, author of a much-heralded new book on the PRC.  On the hit film Wolf Warrior 2, an action-packed thriller with overt and more shaded messages about China’s emergence, about Africa, about the American adversary, etc. etc.  Great article.  A breathtaking scandal in Sweden.  Ambassador removed, among other things.  A disturbing report on Chinese student responses to an on-campus event presenting a Uighur critic of the Chinese treatment of Uighurs.  Intimidation?  PRC Consular manipulation?  Freedom of speech on campuses?

U.S.-China  The Must Read of the week.  A group of prestigious US China specialists (albeit self-selected) with a complex paper dealing with needed “course corrections” in US policy toward, and treatment of, China, occasioned by China’s own turns in darker directions. A devastating indictment of U.S. policy toward China by the always eloquent Chas Freeman, a respected veteran U.S. diplomat with decades of service on China affairs.  An extremely articulate, informative podcast with Gavekal’s Dan Wang, on the Huawei questions but more broadly on US policy options and measures aimed at confronting Chinese challenges in the advanced technology sector.  Only eleven minutes.  UNCTAD “Key Statistics and Trends in Trade Policy 2018.”  Useful analysis of effects of tariffs recently imposed (esp. US and PRC) on all economies.

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