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Suggested Readings: February 18-26, 2019

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February 18-26

China Domestic  Rougher weather for the Belt and Road Initiative.  Malaysia cancels rail project because of cost.  China agrees to negotiate price reduction.  PLA Gen. Fang Fenghui, formerly head of the General Staff Dept., sentenced to life In prison for corruption.  For all the “assertiveness” that the world has noticed in China’s presentation to itself and others and recent years, the PRC at times is remarkably blunt in publicly acknowledging darker concerns.  A recent XJP speech to a hastily-convened conference of regional and local leaders focused on “risks” facing the country, and the New York Times’s Chris Buckley has used that hook to point to a whole set of sensitive points coming up in calendar 2019.  Italian journalist, writer, and longtime China resident Francesco Sisci with a review of the coup-pocked history of CCP rule since 1949, with thoughts on the likelihood, or lack of likelihood, of something similar happening during the reign of Xi Jinping.  This article is more serious than might be imagined from its focus on “coups.”  A podcast with Elizabeth Economy, of the Council on Foreign Relations, around her new book on the Xi Jinping era.  A glimpse of what Chinese movie audiences are gobbling up in the immediate post-New Year period.

China Global  Wonderful blog site “Over the Circle:  Arctic Politics and Foreign Policy”.  Much to read and learn. A very serious matter indeed that exploded at McMaster University in Canada recently, involving Chinese students disrupting an on-campus speech by a Uyghur speaker while someone quietly filmed the entire situation, perhaps in order to share identifies with PRC embassy authorities.  An important read, in part because it asks whether such situations in other countries (including China) and other times would be tolerated.

U.S.-China Signs of genuine movement in the US-China trade negotiations long underway?  But: suggests maybe not.  Mastercard’s move into China at last?  Great work on Boeing and China over the past five decades. 

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