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Suggested Readings: March 13-25, 2019

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March 13-25

China Domestic  A lively and provocative review of three new books on China today, by Stephen Roach, now of Yale and formerly of Morgan Stanley Asia. Changing rhetoric amid the national campaign to pour adulation on Xi Jinping. A compact but very useful look at China’s current economic condition, the new Foreign Investment Law, and other aspects of Chinese economic affairs, by veteran economist Yukon Huang.  Nothing earth-shaking here, but a useful statement of current “accepted wisdom.”  Sixthtone continues to excel.  This is must-read material from the Chinese interior on the relocation of vast numbers of people from extra-impoverished remote villages, and what becomes of their lives.  In the aftermath of the New Zealand tragedy, this interesting article discusses Islamophobia and extremist phenomena on Chinese social media.  A surprising (to most Americans) look at how Chinese people view the various “social credit” systems sprouting into operation.  Spoiler alert – views are positive, thanks to a pervasive lack of social trust throughout Chinese society.  Is Baidu, China’s (government-approved) dominant search engine, as bad as this article claims, and is a return of some form of Google a remedy? Jessica Chen Weiss of Cornell analyzes survey data to describe the “hawkishness” of Chinese public opinion.  An important read for those making U.S. policy toward China and for American readers more generally.  Not happy news.  One official Chinese media reports on a very fatal chemical-plant explosion in Jiangsu Province.  The report at  puts the death toll at 64.

China Global Early assessment of likely reaction to the Foreign Investment Law just passed by the National People’s Congress and due to go into effect next January 1.  A remarkable review of a brand-new film by Jia Zhangke, set to open at certain US theatres this week.

U.S.-China This article may be a bit polemical, but its key arguments, showing that every Chinese citizen is required by law to cooperate with PRC government intelligence organizations, lie at the heart of one of the greatest concerns of the U.S. government and, sadly, a growing segment of the American populace. A major U.S. multi-level marketing company in trouble, as one of its sales people apparently dies from an addictive consumption to the company’s health products.  A pretty succinct expression of what is being accepted as the “new realism” in China policymaking in Washington, with regard to economic competition, especially in advanced technology, between the US and China.  Also an artifact in current partisan battles and ideological struggles in Washington; this author builds his article on a paper by Republican Senator Marco Rubio and stands with what he sees as a rising number of Republicans embracing Rubio’s ideas on enhanced government support for advanced manufacturing in the face of the threat from China.  The full Report by Rubio’s Senate Small Business Committee is at .

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