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Suggested Readings: March 26 - April 1, 2019

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March 26-April 1

China Domestic From last December, a comprehensive look at what to expect in the Chinese economy in 2019, by McKinsey’s Emeritus Director Gordon Orr.  Great writeup of a highly revealing online game making waves in China.  Situated in the 1937-45 War of Resistance against Japan.

China Global  If you are a “foreigner,” does Chinese language proficiency enhance your bright job prospects?  Read and find out.  An interesting paper on Chinese investment manufacturing in Ethiopia and related knowledge transfer.  An official China Daily report on a meeting of Chinese leaders with a set of distinguished global Elder Statesmen and Stateswomen, in which Xi’s comments on his hope that China and the U.S. will “walk together” are placed at the top of the article.  This comports with other similar messages in recent weeks.  The China Daily presents what might be dubbed “Xi Made Simple,” quick illustrated paraphrases of his key utterances (carefully chosen for this official publication) at the recent National People’s Congress.  It is left to the reader’s imagination as to how these homilies will be turned into tangible actions, however.

US-PRC  MUST LISTEN to this important address by Professor Susan Shirk of UCSD, at the University of Pennsylvania.  Retrospective at 40th anniversary of Normal Diplomatic Relations, and much more.  The Q&A is equally important.  A “Catch-22” dilemma at the core of current US-China trade negotiations, in the “Be Careful What You Wish For” category.  Related to the preceding item, an interesting NPR interview with USTR Robert Lighthizer regarding current US-China negotiations.  A must-read.  A balanced assessment of the present debate over China in US policy circles and its likely future.  Chinese readers especially should read this.  Familiar jousting between two very articulate world figures, one American and one Chinese, on the fringes of  the China Development Forum.  Another “economic opening charm offensive”? Or signs of real changes in policy and conduct in the concerted “messaging” effort coincident with the China Development Forum? The head of the Hudson Institute (always mentioned with the word “conservative” before it) with a brief article laying current US animosities toward China squarely at the feet of Xi Jinping but predicting that the two countries are too intertwined to be heading for a “Cold War,” whatever that overused term can be summed up as meaning.  A fine piece on the Chinese company building subway trains for American cities – from its factory in Springfield, Massachusetts – and Springfield’s response.

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